Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths – 54 Video Bundle (2017-2019 Past Papers)


Our Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths bundle offers a complete learning experience and a full set of past papers to work through and build your confidence. This comprehensive package of grinds covers exam papers spanning from 2017-2019 (54 videos total) and offers a large amount of information for a one-time payment.

We do not assume you have any prior level of knowledge and will explain from the basic concepts up. We have developed our video maths grinds with years of experience in guiding students towards better grades. If you are serious about improving your grades and building upon your existing knowledge then this bundle is an invaluable tool to have.

What do you get when you purchase a course from Maths Made Easy?

  • Access your course any time and any place, as many times as you need
  • Each maths question is thoroughly explained
    • How to understand the question
    • Recognize keywords
    • How to identify the direction in which to go
    • How to solve it
      • How to choose the correct formula
      • Calculation explained step by step
      • Different approaches to solving the question (where possible)
    • Familiarity with exam questions layout and structure
    • 54 videos = 54 questions which gives a good basis for exam preparation
    • A Flexible approach to the past papers – questions are not progressive in approach, you can choose any video to start
    • You can pause, rewind, rewatch until you’re confident in your knowledge.