Leaving Cert Higher Level

We specialise in Leaving Cert Higher Level maths and offer our grinds in an online video form to our students. We do not assume that you have any knowledge, we explain everything from the basics. Our videos are not progressive in structure, allowing you to pick any video in any order and you will receive full information.

5th year Higher Level

Every student in 5th year higher level follows a different path of the curriculum. For example, some of you will do financial maths in 5th year, but some of you will do it in 6th year. However, all of you will have complete exams during your school year. One of the resources that your teacher will use in your class exam will be exam questions from past leaving cert exams in the form of past papers.

Under each video, we have listed elements of the curriculum that a particular question refers to. Therefore, you can choose a specific exam question that you are struggling with during the examination and work through it.